• TaskMaster for NetWare was selected by the U.S. Census Bureau as the Data Management / Security and Disaster Recovery solution for the 2000 Dicennial Census.
  • NConsole Server Management for NetWare was recognized as one of the Best Products of 1995.
    - PC Magazine (01/09/1996)
  • NConsole Server Management for NetWare was a PC Magazine Editor's Choice (1995) and later recognized as one of PC Magazine's Best Products of 1995 (1996).
  • NetAlarm and NetTrack were licensed as the core to XTree Tools for Networks (1992). XTree later merged with Central Point (1993) which Symantec acquired (1994).
  • NetAlarm, NetScope and NetTrack were the first Network and Server Management Solutions Suite of Tools for the Novell NetWare LAN/WAN Server platform (1990 / 1991).

Avanti Technology, Inc.

Launched in 1990 as a single person, bootstrapped startup in the Silicon Valley, Meyer & Associates relocated to Austin in 1991 and incorporated as Avanti Technology, Inc. then quickly became one of the leading developers of enterprise-wide network and server management software solutions supporting the Novell NetWare File Server platform. Mirroring NetWare's rise to dominate the LAN/WAN market during the late 1990's and early 2000's, Avanti's market base ranged from Fortune 10 corporations to SMBs across more than 30 countries on six continents. Award winning, recognized as 'Best In Class,' and strategically deployed, Avanti's products were considered the standard by which other competitors were judged. Avanti continued to support the NetWare platform well beyond Novell's End Of Life designation for the NetWare product line (2010). Despite phasing out new product development in December 2012, Avanti continued to provide support to a client base which still trusted in and used its software solutions through 2019.